Giggle Hill – Save Maui’s Favorite Playground!

A few months ago we shared about a need in the sweet town of Haiku, Hawaii, on the island of Maui. Giggle Hill, the official name being “Kalakupua Playground,” has been shut down for about a year now, leaving the children on the Northshore without their beloved play space. Giggle Hill is one of our family’s favorite spots to play, so its closure has been difficult.

Pray Hawaii Giggle Hill Maui
Thankfully, the Haiku Community Association gathered together and began working on raising funds to repair this unique structure, as well as schedule community work days. We were able to help with the October and November work days, and loved meeting others in the community who care for this special playground and who are making every effort to see its “doors” re-opened.

Pray Hawaii Giggle Hill 5

The first few volunteer days have been spent pulling weeds – not just regular ol’ weeds – nope, tropical rainforest type weeds that are matted down and require a power tool to get loose. Just clearing out overgrown plants to see where the problems with the wooden structure are located has been quite a task! Thankfully the people of Haiku know that working together toward a common goal will bring the most benefit. Even local restaurants have contributed to the work crew’s efforts, one being Paia’s fave pizza spot “Flatbread,” as well as the Pukalani Superette.

Pray Hawaii Giggle Hil l3

The task is not complete…so if you’d like to volunteer on island with the endeavor to “Save Kalakapua Playground” feel free to contact the group directly here. They are in need of some supplies for repairs and that list of needs can be found here. If you’re on Facebook feel free to share about this awesome playground, even if you’re not in Maui, Hawaii…with all of us working together, who knows what could happen?

Pray Hawaii Giggle Hill Maui

Let’s bring those smiles back to the kids’ faces; let’s re-open Maui’s favorite playground, “Giggle Hill.”

Pray Hawaii Giggle Hill Maui

Aloha and Happy New Year!

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