Serve: You’re Invited to a Local Playground “Maintenance Party” (Giggle Hill, Haiku, Hawaii)

Happy Aloha Friday! If you’re in Maui, Hawaii, we’d love for you to meet up with us at the Haiku “Giggle Hill” Maintenance Party. Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013, from 9am-12noon.

Giggle Hill, Playground, Haiku, Hawaii, Pray Hawaii
Giggle Hill before it closed.

This playground is a treasured spot for the community but has been shut down until proper maintenance is restored. This will be the first “clean-up” day & we’d love to be a blessing by serving with our “own two hands.”

There’s a Facebook Page for Save Kalakupua Playground (also known as Giggle Hill) so you can stay updated on the park’s progress.

Mahalo for your help in advance!


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