Urgent Prayer Request- Updated

We are asking all who pray for the islands to pray for the brother-in-law of the Pastor (Kris Miyake) from God’s House Maui.  His name is Stephen Ford, and he has been diagnosed with cancer and is in need of a bone marrow transplant.  After testing some family members, the doctor’s discovered Kris’s wife, (& Stephen’s sister) Stacey, was a match, and she went to Georgia at the beginning of August to start the transplant process.

Originally, this was supposed to take six weeks.   However, Stephen has been too sick to start the process.  The doctors have tried to get him healthy enough to begin, but recently, they discovered that the treatment  isn’t working. And obviously without the transplant, Stephen may not recover.

We are asking people to pray for Stephen’s recovery, to be healthy enough to begin the bone marrow transplant, and for Stacey to remain healthy while going through the process.  We also ask that you pray for Kris as he is here, away from his wife and four daughters at this time.  Also, please pray for the Stacey and Stephen’s family in Georgia that they will be encouraged by the love of God and their love for each other through this difficult time.

The Poppys

9-14 Update: Unfortunately, Stephen Ford passed away Friday morning.  Please pray whole family, especially, his wife and three small children.  Pray for people to mourn with them as they mourn, to laugh with them as they laugh, and to be silent with them as they are silent.  There are really no words necessary in times like these; just lots of empathy for those suffering.  Thank you for your prayers!

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