Good News

This news story updates the condition of Gary Parrish, the single father of six, after his surgeries last week to save his life.  The story says that Gary is making great progress, and doctors expect him to make a full recovery.  However,  Gary’s greatest need now is help with his medical bills.  We wrote a request last week asking you to give just a dollar and to share Gary’s story with your friends, and several of you have donated (thank you!!!!).  Even our nine-year-old son made a donation.  There is still time left (10 days) to donate via this website, and Gary could use the help of at least 80,000 more friends  There are two other ways to donote; the first is to make a check to “Friends of Gary Parrish” for the bank of Hawaii, second, use this e-mail to donate via paypal. Thank you for sharing this story, please use this address if you wish to share Gary’s story through your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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