Day 28 Prayer

Our prayer today is for the whole gospel to be preached, for no have truths for the body of Christ. With so many religions represented in the islands, there is a temptation present for Christians to massage the truth to fit in with the culture. Because the reality of the cross is so powerful, we do not need to massage the message of Christ to fit the culture.

Father God, thank You for the love that you gave us through the cross. We ask you to help churches, pastors, and other leaders who preach a partial gospel see the actual damage these half truths do to others. This prayer is for good-intentioned people to grow and understand the lack created by partial truths. Also, Papa please prevent those who believe and spread half-truths from sharing these damaging lies.

Thank you Lord for the faithful believers on the islands who proclaim the whole gospel. In this time, it is easy to give up on old ideas, but the cross is not an old idea. Christ awaken your bride and encourage us to share truth.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!

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