Day 26 Prayer

Our prayer today is for an increase in good health and for protection during physical activities. Hawaii offers thrill seekers and adventurers many dangerous  activities, i.e. surfing, diving, hiking, etc. Many times, people get hurt because it is their first experience in these sports.  Also, there are, like with many states, other health risks in Hawaii, skin cancer, obesity, and other diseases.

Father God, we ask You to release healing and to provide people protection during their adventures.  There is no sickness in Your Kingdom, and so we ask for complete healing and good health here.  For those suffering with mental illnesses, we ask for a complete restoration of their minds, for balance in the brain chemicals, and for clarity of thought.  We also ask You to heal diseases miraculously for their to be no explanation other than You. Father, heal cancer, heart disease, prevent strokes, and all other manner of disease and sickness.

For surfers, divers, bikers and other adventurers, we ask you to keep them safe.  Many of these activities come with risk, Jesus, and we pray for people to make smart choices as they participate in them.  Especially protect the inexperienced as they participate in these activities.  Help them be safe as they learn.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!

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