Day 25 Prayer

Just five more days in the thirty day challenge, thank you for coming along on the journey with us.  Our prayer today is for an increased awareness of the needs in Hawaii.  A lot of people view Hawaii as an oasis, a getaway for the ordinary, and it is prime vacation spot.  Unless, you live here without being independently wealthy then this oasis can be a desert.

Dear Jesus, we ask You to make people aware of the physical and spiritual needs in Hawaii.  For the needs here, we ask You for effective communicators and people with influence to share the needs present here.  For the ministries here, help them find connections within the global body of Christ to support their work, whether through financial resources or short-term missions trips.  For other non-profit or community service agencies, help them create get awareness for their work.  

Thank you for the workers and ministers who give of themselves to the people of Hawaii.  We thank you for those with generosity of those here and off island that already donate their time or resources to help the people of Hawaii.  Thank you for caring about these islands, creating it beauty, and making the Hawaiian culture so generous and caring.

In Your Name, AMEN!

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