Day 23 Prayer

Thanks for following our journey! We are entering the last week, and we begin with a prayer for tourist to respect the land and the people.  With so many people visiting Hawaii, there are a few people who don’t understand the problems of the past nor the vast cultural diversity of the people of Hawaii.  There have been several instances where visits, often unknowingly, say or do something offensive to the residents of Hawaii on their visits here.  Also, Hawaiians have a deep respect and relationship with the land, and while most visitors treat the land with respect, others don’t take care of land, litter on beaches, at parks, or in shopping centers, or ignore recycling bins made readily available for their use.

Jesus, we ask for increase of lokahi, the right relationship between God (‘IO) and man (Kane) and man and the land (aina). Thank you, Father God, for this beautiful land, with flowing streams of fresh water, gorgeous beaches, and spectacular mountain views.   Let visitors to Hawaii understand the importance of these relationships to the Hawaiians, and seek to understand the cultural diversity.  Let visitors here treat locals with respect and let them display humility during there stay here as well.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!

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