You and 86,000 Friends

Yesterday, we shared the story of Gary Parrish, a single of father of six here in Maui, who’s in need of an expensive surgery that will save his life.  Some of Gary’s friends started a GiveForward campain (sort of Kickstarter for charitable donations) to raise funds to pay for this surgery.  As of today, the total raised is $14,825.  This is where you (and 86,000 thousand friends) come in.  If you gave just one dollar to help this family and invited all your friends through Twitter and Facebook to donate just one dollar, we could help Gary’s family through this time of crisis.

Is it ridiculous to ask you to do this? Maybe, but I believe we serve a God who does the amazing and asks us to do join Him in His ventures.  I believe that not only will people give (and also feel good about it), but some will give more than a dollar and even more will share with their friends. Let’s see what we can do together to help this family.

Note: Please click the picture above or here to donate.

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