Day 22 Prayer

Our prayer for today is for the homeless to find shelter, jobs and nourishment both physically and spiritually.  We already have already discussed the homeless problem on the blog, and this prayer is for the specific needs listed above.  The homeless make their way to Hawaii to escape the harsher climates of the mainland.  Some of the homeless here are more of the panhandler type, the kind who are looking for their next fix, don’t want help, and feel a deep sense of rejection.

Dear Papa, we pray for the homeless in Hawaii to find their life in you.  For those seeking a fix, we proclaim freedom from their addictions.  For those who don’t feel worthy, we ask you to reveal their true identity as your sons and daughters.  For the prideful and self-seeking, we ask you to bring them to the end of themselves and find true freedom in You.

We thank you for the faithful churches who serve the homeless and seek to minister Your grace to them.  We ask You to increase their resources to serve the people that they do.  Also, provide faithful servants to come alongside and help these churches to serve.  We also ask You to put the homeless on the hearts of all believers in the Islands and for all of us to seek to minister Your grace to this often ignored section of society.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!

Additional Verses: Psa 9:18, 10:14, 34:6; Isa 61:1-6; John 10:10; 1 Cor 16:14; Jas 1:27

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