Day 17 Prayer

Today, we are asking Papa to protect the children of Hawaii from abuse, discrimination, and discouragement.  While abuse, discrimination, and discouragement are not problems unique to Hawaii, child abuse affects a higher percentage of children per ca pita than most other states while discrimination in Hawaii is directed at the haole (i.e. “white” foreigners) and discouragement is the result of systemic abuses of the past.

Daddy, we ask You to protect children in Hawaii from violence, sexual assault, and neglect.   Give parents on the islands non-judgmental resources to deal with the triggers of their destructive or negligent behaviors.  As a loving Father, help these parents to see the errors of their ways.  Jesus, help all who live on the islands to have respect for each other.  Father God, cut-off the roots of bitterness, jealously, and strife among the different cultures  on the Hawaiian Islands.  Jesus, help the children of Hawaii to hold on to their dreams and give them hope despite their circumstances.  Also, we ask you to bring change to their environment so that they can begin to thrive in the natural as well as they thrive in the supernatural.

Jesus, for the faithful children in Hawaii who follow You and seek to live out Your words, give them protection from violence, discouragement, and discrimination. I thank you for the faithful little ones, and the purity of their faith.  They know You are faithful to your word and powerful enough to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Thank you for their childlike faith and please encourage those who’ve forgotten your faithfulness or struggle with disbelief.

In Your Name, Jesus, AMEN!

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