Day 14 Prayer

Today, we will be praying for landlords to deal honorably with their tenants, and for tenants to provide their landlords with on-time rent and care of the rental property. Affordable housing is extremely difficult to find on the Islands, and as a result, some landlords feel that they can cheat their tenants.  Tenants, sometimes unaware of their rights under the law, do not complain for fear of losing their residences in retaliation.  Some tenants simply abandon and mistreat rental properties further straining the relationship between tenants and landlords in Hawaii.

Father God, we ask for honorable landlords and tenants in Hawaii. We repent for those who have been dishonest or negligent. Let landlords  treat people with respect, let them receive the same respect from their tenants.  We ask for tenants to provide landlords with timely rental payments and care for the properties that they rent. We ask for increased understanding of landlord’s and tenant’s rights under the law.

We thank you for believers who are landlords and tenants.  Let both be the best landlords and tenants on the island.  As we honor those in authority, let the praise for Your Son grow as people see Christ in our behavior.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!

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