Day 13 Prayer

Today, our prayers will be for a decrease of cost in the Hawaiian islands.  Outside of   Manhattan, Hawaii has the highest cost of living in the United States.  Housing costs are among  the highest in the nation.  Electricity, water, groceries and necessities come with extremely high costs, as well.

Daddy, we ask you to increase the amount of affordable housing in the Hawaiian islands.  We also ask you to help the energy company to find cheaper ways to produce electricity and lower their costs.  We ask for increase in local food production from local farmers who will use, not abuse, the land.  We ask for the large corporations who abuse the land of Hawaii for monetary gain to be forced to leave, and we ask You to restore the land from their abuses.

Jesus, we thank you for the beauty of the Islands.  For those who call them home, Jesus give them creative ideas to make their own food and other necessities.  Let us honor nature and each other and live in lokahi (peace).

In Your Name, AMEN!

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