Day 12 Prayer

Our prayer today is for the increase of creativity and productivity for business owners and employees.  There are many creative entrepreneurs on the island and we would love to see them as well as their employees blessed in their endeavors. Some of the challenges employers may have include:
*Difficulty to stay in business due to the seasonal nature of tourism as well as

*Difficulty maintaining employment during the off-season

Father God, we ask you to increase the traffic of businesses in the islands.  Give business owners encouragement as their businesses thrive. and their employees are enjoying their jobs.  Let their employees have a new enthusiasm at work and find joy in their work.  We thank you for the growth of businesses on the island, and we ask you for more.

For believers on the island who own businesses may they be a light in the darkness. May their business practices be ethical and honor You, rather than mammon. For believers who are employed on the island, may they be treated justly and may they uphold Your standards, God, regardless of who may or may not be watching them.

We praise You God for the faithful business owners and employees throughout the islands.

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