Day 10 Prayer

Today, we will be praying God’s Word to be studied and lived out in believer’s lives.  The study of the Word of God is important to believers, but as James said we need to “doers of the word not hearers only.”  There has been a tendency in the American church to hear great preaching, study the bible, and feel inspired, but sometimes our actions, attitudes, or thoughts don’t change.

Father God, we pray for believers and non-believers in the islands to have a passion for You and to connect with You through studying Your Word.  As we study and understand Your word, we ask you to help us apply it to our lives.  Let our passions for You increase as we read, declare, and speak your word to one another, and grant us willing hearts to follow Your example to us in scripture. For those who aren’t believers, we pray that as they search for truth from other sources, that they would be drawn to Your Word ajd have their hearts set aflame by the Truth it contains.

Papa, we thank You for believers on the Islands who already seek Your truth in thought and action.  Jesus, we know You are the truth, and we seek truth, we are seeking an encounter with you. Thank you for drawing us to you, and we “draw near to you,” and we know that you will “draw near to us.”  We ask for the humility to accept the things that need to change in our lives, and we ask You to remove the things that hinder love.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!

Additional Verses: Prov 1:2-3, 7, 3:5-6, 7:4; Song of Solomon 8:6; Eph 1:17; James 1:22, 4:1-8

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