Day 8 Prayer

Today we will be praying for school budgets to increase and for the community to use their gifts and abilities to aid the schools in their needs.  As we discussed yesterday, despite the vast resources entering Hawaii from tourism, schools are severely underfunded and understaffed.  The schools here have fund raisers unlike anything I’ve witnessed on the mainland like the Haiku Elementary School with a huge fundraiser every year for the past twenty years.  Thankfully, there are already some other groups who are giving their time at our schools and using their gifts and abilities to help students make better choices.

Papa God, we thank you for the faithful teachers and administrators on the campuses of Hawaii’s public and private schools.  We ask you to open the resources of Heaven and give supernatural provision to these schools to increase their budgets and to help them meet staffing and technology needs.  We bless You for the community support in the form of fundraisers with people who have a passion to support their local schools.  We also thank you for the groups like Maui Family Support Services and Teen Voices Maui who are reaching out to youths after and before crises to prevent child abuse and neglect. Also, let individuals in the community be motivated to donate their own resources, be it time, money, or both.

We pray for the leadership of these groups to have wisdom and to expect an increase in donations from Your body.  Papa God, please put on the local church’s heart to support the local community by tithing to the government.  Let’s have the religion of the hands and the feet as well as the brains and the mouths.  Let the church speak good things into existence “calling things that aren’t as though they are,” and increase the giving by members to meet needs in the community.  We declare an abundance of resources for our schools.

In Jesus Name, Amen!

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