Day 6 Prayer

Today, we will be praying for law enforcement and first responders to have wisdom, discernment, and protection as they seek to serve and protect the people of the islands.  The islands of Hawaii have historically had low crime rates.  People in parts of the islands still leave their doors unlocked when they leave home.  However, this is beginning to change, as people turn to dangerous drugs, like Crystal Meth, there has been increases in theft, domestic abuse, and violent crimes.

Father God, protect our law enforcement officers as the keeps our streets and neighborhoods safe.  Increase their wisdom and discernment when they encounter difficult situations, and allow our fellow citizens to be respectful to the police as they do their jobs. We thank you for the sacrifices the public servants make, risking their life and limbs on daily basis.  Surround them with protection and keep them from harm.  Bless them for the sacrifices they make.

For emergency responders, we ask you to keep them safe as the respond to fires, car crashes, etc.  Keep our firefighters safe as they fight fires and respond to other emergencies and give them wisdom for each situation they enter.  For medical personnel, give them supernatural understanding in emergency situations.  Guide their hands and let none of their energy or efforts be wasted, increase their efficacy and efficiency in handling emergency situations.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!

Additional Verses: Duet 32:38; Isa 41:10-14; 2 Tim 1:7

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