Day 4 Prayer

Today, we will be praying for freedom from a poverty mind-set, and instead a walking out of the Kingdom mind-set that brings light into the darkness and truth to cast out fear and lies.  Because of the abuses of the past that we mentioned yesterday, many people on the island feel that are victims of, and therefore prisoners to, those past events. Some people don’t realize the wealth stored in their God-given abilities, and sometimes, they lack the drive to accomplish anything or take risks.  Spiritually, also because of abuses, people don’t seek to flow in the things of the Spirit as God may lead.

Daddy, we ask for a complete breaking off of the poverty mindset in both the physical and the spiritual senses.  From the hurts of the past, many on the Islands feel disenfranchised and disconnected to possibilities beyond their current circumstances. Let us seek first Your Kingdom, because we know you will give us all we need to live. While You may lead us on seasons where we may have very little to almost nothing, we agree together that’s not the place You wish us to remain.  We recognize that You’ve given the Hawaiians a great cultural and spiritual legacy and help us to honor that heritage. We break off the lies of unworthiness and helplessness that work against the people of Hawaii, and we pray for a release of entrepreneurship, for creative ideas, and for an abundance of wealth in the physical as well as the spiritual.

For the abuses of the supernatural from the past, be it prophetic mishaps or abuses in the name of seeing miracles, we ask You to release a fresh expectation that you will speak to people and perform miraculous signs and wonders.  Jesus, You tell us in Your word that we “will do even greater things than these.” We repent for the abuses done in Your Name in the past, and please remove the fear of the supernatural from our lives.  Open our the eyes of our hearts to see what you are doing and let us partner with you. Help us to discern when we just want to see “something cool” from when You are leading us to pray for others. Please give us prophetic insights and encouraging words for others. Thank You for hearing our prayers!

In Your Name, AMEN!

Additional Verses: Gen 27:28; Psalm 5:12, 23:6; Jer 29:11; Matt 6:33, Luke 12:32, John 10:10, 14:12, 17:22, Phil 4:19

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