Day 3 Prayer

Today, we will be praying for purity of body, mind and soul, completely surrendered to the will of God. As we shared on Monday, there is a hodge-podge spirituality on the islands.  A sort of pluralism, but without an evangelic bent to convert others to your point of view.  Additionally, there are several places on the island where morality and purity don’t really matter.  There is also confusion in the spiritual due to several places that have Hindu temples or shrines, such as  Pa’ia with a Dharma center, and Buddhist temples, such as, again, Pa’ia with two missions.

Jesus, we ask you to clear spiritual confusion out of the minds and souls of people on the islands.  We ask You to silence the voice of the enemy broadcast through the various “worship” centers on the island.  We ask you to reveal people’s true worth to them; that they are not their looks that they are worth more than trivial encounters for a few moments of pleasure.  Help those addicted to mind-altering substances to realize the short- and long-term damage that they are causing their bodies.  Let all unbelievers recognize that submission to Your will is the key to their freedom in Christ.

Thank you, Papa God, for believers on the islands committed to bring people to an encounter with your love. We praise You for their efforts to bring Your kingdom here on earth.  Jesus, let love be our guiding principle in this endeavor for your kingdom.  We ask for demonstrations of your might through healings, signs, and wonders, so that more people will be drawn to Your Son.  We thank you that your kindness leads to repentance. Let us be poured out as drink offerings for those who are thirsting for righteousness.

In Jesus Name, Amen!

Additional Verses: Duet 6:5, 10:12; Psalm 24:4, 51, 119:9; Matt 22:36-39; 2 Cor 4:1-10, 6:6; 1 Tim 4:2; Heb 10; 1 Pet 3:1-3;

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