Day 2 Prayer

Thank you for joining us in prayer.  Today, we are praying for unity among our brothers and sisters in Christ, so that God may be glorified through our love for one another. This is especially difficult considering the culture and geography of the islands.  People tend to stay in their area of the island due in part to the difficulty of traveling from one place to another and also to the cultural tendency to remain in the area you live.  As a result people stay relatively isolated from one another. The common meeting places are work and school and the occasional trip to Costco in main city of the island.  Also, because they way some of the descendants of ealry missionaries (and some  of the missionaries themselves) treated the natives there is a need for reconciliation between Ha’ole (foreigners) and Kama’aina (locals).

Daddy, help the co-heirs of Christ recognize the importance of each other on the islands. Also, allow each part of the body recognize and honor the different roles that each other fills. Let us “speak the truth in love, let us grow in every way into Him who is the head- Christ”, and “from Him the whole body, fitted and knit together by every supporting ligament, promotes the growth of the body for building up itself in love by the proper working of each individual part.” Let any division among believers be rooted out. We pray against any pride or selfishness that brings division and ask for humility in its place. Let reconciliation take place in Your body and make it whole again.

Father, we ask you to heal the wounds of the past in the hearts of the Hawaiian people.  We ask for strategic steps, or plans, to bring about this reconciliation.  We pray against the root of bitterness and ask You to bring healing as You cut down this root.  Whatever you give us to do, we ask for boldness to obey.

Thank you, Daddy, for the groups of believers on the island that recognize the need for unity and reconciliation. Help us realize it doesn’t mean we will have the same ideas or even that we will do the same things, but we all have the same goal, the same purpose.  The purpose of our work is to hold up Jesus as the head. The goal is to glorify and exalt Him.  Holy Spirit, whatever remains of us get it out of the way so that only He is seen.

In Jesus Name, Amen

Additional Verses: Psalm 133; John 4:23-24, 17:20-21; Acts 1:14, 2:44-47; 2 Cor 5:18-19, Eph. 4:11-16

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